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Changes from one kind of civilization to another do not happen often in history: the invention of agriculture, the rise and fall of empires, the coming of industrialism...An earlier generation may have been perfectly justified in discounting any further such radical changes. We cannot. In the next two decades our world will either be dramatically better or dramatically worse. The one thing that cannot happen is just “more of the same.“

Paul Ray, Sociologist

INTEGRAL SOCIETY is best understood as Global Civil Society’s answer to the malady of modernism. It is most easily seen via the“web” metamorphosis sweeping through every facet of today’s increasingly global civilization. Thus, after 300 years of great expectations leading to stark realities, western civilization is abandoning modern culture’s machine story of life and sweeping into the Integral Era with a brand-new web worldview. Already visible in concepts such as global economy, global village, holistic health, One Planet, and the World Wide Web, every facet of our society—from business, education and medicine to community building, politics and spirituality — is being recast in kind.

Integral Science suggests, however, that the Integral era represents both the end of modernity’s 400-year cycle and the 5000-year cycle of war-based hierarchical civilization.



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