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The primary objective of the Integral Science Institute is to clarify why we are undergoing social, economic, and scientific transformations in tandem, and what we need to do to survive and thrive through this process. The ultimate goal is to apply this scientific framework to critical human arenas such as business, economics, education, energy, healthcare, money, transportation and urban planning in order to provide more effective, unified solutions to today’s pressing socio-economic problems. This process helps unify and ground reform efforts already emerging across diverse fields, which will hopefully improve our collective chances of a smooth and speedy reformation.


1.      Developing precise quantitative measures of the health of “real” economy networks that can be used to explain: (a) how to create sustainably vibrant socio-economic development from the grassroots up; (b) why common-cause culture is essential to durable economic health; and (c) why our current “big is better” policies often do more harm than good.

2.      Working with local officials and businessmen to develop networks of small-to-medium enterprises based on the principles of resilience and Triple-Bottom-Line sustainability.

3.      Creating a book series, done in collaboration with specialists in various fields, which uses the Integral scientific lens to help clarify, validate, and unify changes already emerging their field. Books in education and sustainability have been completed. Ones in the economics, business and the Perennial Philosophy (spirituality) are being planned.

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